by The Predecessors

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released November 4, 2016

Vocals recorded and produced by Ben Gains of Heroic Audio
Drums recorded by Myroslav Borys of Jigsaw Audio
Guitars recorded by Nathe Sinfield
Bass recorded by John Evans
Mixed and mastered by Nathe Sinfield

Artwork by Tim Sinfield



all rights reserved


The Predecessors Nottingham, UK


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Track Name: Godless
This futile situation Is wearing thin.
So many lies divide us from what we hold true within our minds.
A stable inquisition of everything.
This doesn't cut it, yet we regret for our besotted threat.
Our only hope of survival is to believe,
Not in a god, but merely ourselves for this and any world

Stop this indoctrination, 'we'll follow suit as long as it's grey',
No persuasion required to lead the blind astray.
Only through abolition of falsity can we reclaim absolution.
Our race of vanity to blame

And I'm born again in this violent fold.
The fuse is lit, but it's burning cold.
Refusal is again, imminent in silence.
Cowards are towers of social shadows.

So try again, this facade is worthless.
Please try again, small minds will entertain this.
So try again, this facade is worthless.
Please try again, you're just a number now.

You may try to fool yourself but you wont be fooling anyone else.
That pedestal will fall, and all lies will rear the truth.

Must this eradication of substance be
Our choice of misdirection? Breeding our jealousy
without an honest perception of what we see.
How can we worship 'fact' when consistently being deceived?

Dancing in the jaded cabaret to the drums of dead messiahs

When will this come undone?

All we have are our emotions, and our conscience, to help us lead.
Isn't our own earthly knowledge (and what we see) enough foresight for humanity?

Think for yourself.

We've come this far without divine intervention.
We are all gods within ourselves, so it's without a great equation, that we should see a fault in our direction.
When we consider livelihood our passion, to coexist in equilibrium takes the crown.